Curriculum Vitae for Scott M. Kent, PE, PhD

Residential Engineering © 2021

Education and Licenses

Ph.D. Civil Engineering; Oregon State University      
M.S. Structural Engineering; Oregon State University
B.S. Civil Engineering; Oregon State University
Registered Professional Engineer, 51013PE.

  • Civil Engineering

  • Naval Architecture / Marine Engineering

VFR pilot license, single engine, land
Amateur radio, general class, KG7QIF


Water ingress / building envelopes
Structural condition assessment
Construction defects
Foundation settlement
Building code interpretation
Wood & wood composite deterioration
Urban surface water drainage assessment
Handrail / guardrail / stairway assessment
Engineering, Research, and Structural Testing

Professional Design Experience

Wood, concrete, steel design for vertical gravity and lateral loading
Lateral force resisting systems
Structural review of fire-damaged structures
Cantilevered reinforced masonry and concrete retaining walls
Foundation systems for residential, commercial, and prefab structures
Analysis, design, and retrofit of roof systems for solar array installations
Urban and rural storm water management
Municipal street improvements including storm, sanitary, roadway, and waterlines
Sanitary pump stations
Topographic surveying
Construction staking
Pedestrian bridges

Work Experience

Naval Architect - Fred Wahl Marine Construction.  Reedsport, OR.  2016 - Present; Stability analysis, new builds, sponsons, deck equipment, and repairs for commercial fishing vessels and work boats.

Engineer  / Owner - Kent Engineering Investigations, LLC, Corvallis, Oregon.  2005-2016; Forensic engineering analysis, expert witness, owner AFI Associates, Inc.

Engineer  / Owner - Residential Engineering, LLC, Corvallis, Oregon.  2004-Present; Civil and structural design including lateral force resisting systems for seismic and wind forces, foundations, retaining walls, roadway layout and design, waterline extensions, sanitary sewer extensions.  Over 650 individual projects to date.

Research Assistant - Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon.  2000-2004; Doctoral research in the field of wood product durability. Thesis:  The Effect of Biological Deterioration on the Performance of Nailed Oriented Strand Board Sheathing to Douglas-fir Framing Member Connections

Engineer - Koos Engineering, North Bend, Oregon.  2003-2005; Civil and structural design and surveying including retaining walls, property and topographic surveys, roadway layout and design, waterline extensions, sanitary sewer extensions, storm water management.

Engineer / Quality Manager - Wood Composites Engineering, Inc. and the Wood Science and Technology Institute, Inc., Corvallis, Oregon. 1995-2002; Structural design and restorations, quality manager for an International Conference of Building Officials Evaluation Service certified testing laboratory and quality assurance agency, development of high-strength synthetic fiber reinforced plastics for structural applications.

Notable Projects

Structural restoration of building H4 at the Boise Cascade site in St. Helens, Oregon, using carbon and Kevlar fiber reinforced wood composites; a first-of-its-kind approach to in-situ strengthening of wood beams (see publication Kent et. al., 2002).

Bandon Commons Planned Urban Development in Bandon, Oregon, for the Walsh Construction Company and owner, Mike Keiser (of Bandon Dunes Golf Resort).

American Lumber Standard Committee testing program for structural end-joint for the (see publication Kent and Leichti, 2004).

Independent review and engineering approval of evaluation reports for the Sheather Plus™, a new structural fastener for the Stanley-Bostitch Corporation.

Engineering design of supporting systems for “The Washed Ashore Project” marine sculptures for display at SeaWorld parks in San Diego, San Antonio, and Orlando.

Peer Reviewed Publications

Carradine, D., F. Woeste, S. Kent.  2001.  SIPs and SSP’s are not the same.  Timber Framing.  (60):  8-9.

Gupta, R., C. Basta, S. Kent.  2004.  Effect of knots on longitudinal shear strength of Douglas-fir shear blocks.  Forest Products Journal.  54(11):  77-83.

Kent, S., R. Leichti, D. Rosowsky, J. Morrell.  2005.  Effects of decay on the cyclic properties of nailed connections.  Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering.  17(5):  579-585.

Kent, S., R. Leichti, J. Morrell, D. Rosowsky, S. Kelley.  2006.  Analytical tools to predict changes in properties of oriented strandboard exposed to the fungus Postia placenta.  Holzforschung.  60:  332-338.

Kent, S., R. Leichti, D. Rosowsky, J. Morrell.  2004.  Effects of wood decay by Postia placenta on the lateral capacity of nailed oriented strand board sheathing and Douglas-fir framing members.  Wood and Fiber Science.  36(4):  560-572.

Kent, S., and R. Leichti.  2004.  An assessment of common test methods to evaluate the mechanical properties of structural end-jointed lumber.  Forest Products Journal.  55(3):  32-39.

Wei-hong, W., S. Kent, C. Freitag, R. Leichti, J. Morrell.  Effect of moisture and fungal exposure on the mechanical properties of hem-fir plywood.  Journal of Forestry Research.  16(4):  299-300.

Kent, S., R. Gupta, T. Miller.  1997.  Dynamic effects on metal-plate-connected wood truss joints.  Journal of Structural Engineering.  123(8): 1037-1045.

Kent, S., R. Leichti, J. Stith.  2002.  In-Situ repair of glulam beams and roof decking using FRP and LVL composites.  Wood Design Focus.  12(1):  3-7.

Kim, J.H., Kent, S.M. and Rosowsky, D.V. 2006. “Effects of Biological Deterioration on the Seismic Performance of Woodframe Shearwalls,” Special Issue: Infrastructure Management, Computer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering.  21(3): 205-215.

W. Wei-hong, S. Kent, C. Freitag, R. Leichti, J. Morrell.  2005.  Effect of moisture and fungal exposure on the mechanical properties of hem-fir plywood.  Journal of Forestry Research, 16(4):  299-300.

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